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Everyone has questions about their taxes…and WE’VE got the answers!

As the old saying goes, there are two things certain in this life: death and taxes. There isn’t much you can do when the grim reaper comes knocking but you can certainly take progressive steps towards slashing your taxes and ending up with a much healthier bank account come April 15th!

A profitable tax strategy means planning all year round. You need to know the limitations of your own potential deductions and assets. Are you investing in the right time of income generating accounts? For instance, investing in dividend paying stocks can slash your taxes right out of the gate. You’re only taxed 15% on these types of stocks. The same goes for long-term capital gains. If you haven’t invested in the market, then seek out a qualified broker to help guide you. They’ll take a small commission fee but it’s better getting into the market with someone who knows the game rather then simply cramming “Stocks for Dummies.”

Don’t take the easy way out with the 1040 form. Familiarize yourself with the deductions you can take for you and your family. You can deduct alimony payments or student loan interest, job related moving expenses and even medical insurance if you are self-employed. This doesn’t mean “cheating” on your taxes but claiming the dependents and deductions you’re entitled to. The tax deduction code is there for you to take advantage of and reduce your tax burden.

Another positive step you can take towards slashing your taxes is to reduce your income. This doesn’t mean quitting your job but investing in company sponsored retirement plans like 401K. By reducing your income you’ll be reducing your taxes and you won’t pay any taxes on these savings until you make a withdraw. It’s still your money; it’s just working harder for you!


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